Custom Furniture

With years of experience in cabinet making, furniture construction and woodwork, Kye is available for all custom work.

Kye designs each piece with the goal of combining form and function to fit a wide variety of settings, but he also understands that not every piece is perfect for every location. Not every bedroom is large enough for a platform bed and not every coffee table is big enough for your lounge space, this is why we offer customisation on every piece.

Whether it’s a few extra centimetres to the width of a dining table, adding another set of drawers to a dresser, or even designing a piece from scratch, no customisation is too big or too small.

The process works like this.

Step 1 – Let’s sit down and discuss what you’re looking for in a piece of custom furniture. Are there certain elements of our pieces you’d like to mix? What dimensions work? Is it something entirely custom? We put all the ideas on the table and start to sort them out. Maybe you love our Bed Side Tables but the height isn’t right for your space. We have options.

Step 2 – If needed, we can provide drawings for full customisations. Or, if you’re just looking for a different tabletop, we’re happy to provide options.
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